The Proletariat

by Bury the Crown

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released October 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Bury the Crown Houston, Texas

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Track Name: The Heist
All my life I've been lonely proletarian. Never had luxuries of most
Opportunity overlooked our family. Guess we'll take it on our own

The flawless plans were laid, written out in code. In and out in 60 seconds with sacks full of gold

Our time has come. No longer dogs. Once the job is done we'll live like the gods

Now we're breaking in. No hitches shown. Once the siren hit, it was too late, our cover was blown


By the gavel drop we were promised a dime

Harris county bound into the storm we drove. The hired Mustang came, the bus was ran off the road
Then we fled the scene into the rivers cold. The boat was waiting for us just like they were told.

Born Free

And they wont take it from us until we are cold
Track Name: The Party
We strut the ballroom, classy as fuck dressed to the nines, We're the epitome of the blurry party lines.
Glorified Patsies, we're the party of the obscene, tailored suits cover up our puppet strings.

So you don't see who're the makers of your fate
They set in line, left right, east west ideology
Laid down to keep the second class citizens asleep
We reconcile. They king Make.... Believe

Illusion of a choice, it's always been but one, The votes are pouring in, our guy is bound to win
So now you have a voice, just one that's heard by none, You'll never see the men who work behind the curtain

We're trend setters, Now snort this perfect line, Sons of bitches all the wretched follow our decline
With drunken power, borrowed from our fathers, don't scratch it wont last beware the others

The highest seats are far too high for you to reach, The party's gone, time bombs are set and synced
The futures bleak and when the flood comes only you will sink.
The life rafts will not come..... Believe


We were sent to lead the party and leave you far behind. Best believe that we're not sorry. We're not sorry


We're the party animals with righteous ambitions
We deceiver of the fools

We are the guilty party, We did it all for the fame and greed, So sit back and take a seat for now, Until they need you
By now, By far there is no shelter
Believe. It's all make believe.
Track Name: The Deception
Took one stop outside into the city street
I heard the cries of the calloused hands and tried to breath
This science fiction we've seen before.
We've seen the warning signs since 1984.

The streets are calling, Wanting more and more
Of pestilence, ignorance and endless war
You've got to see that it's so much more than you
Peace love and happiness is what we all pursue

Now think about what you want in life
How many people have to die until we are free
Where freedom lies there's nothing left to buy
A constant fight with steady strife, insanity

We're the chosen of bleak and the diseased.
We pray for sympathy
No need for your shit apologies
Just want the world to be free.

We are.... Broke

We are the broken down..

We do not live for love because love is never shown.. or reason.. or doubt.


The hurt, The love, The reason to be... RISE
Track Name: The Harlot
Forced on your back, You feel you need it again
Never look back, Spill these truths I'm ready
“Where you want it” The knife to stick in
Heart through the back

When family attacks defensive shields aren't ready
and hearts can relapse insuring wounds bleed steady
“This you wanted” No time for remorse
Never look back

You left me lying on the floor. I never saw this coming, weakling,
Blinded by trusting someone who'd leave me out to dry

You were the beating that drives
You were my flesh and my blood and everything in between only 'till you opened up my eyes

Pull down this paper ceiling bring on the flood

In this life of so much lies and of moral compromise
My compassionate reaction dripped between her thighs
With a fifth of blinding rage as the dirt coursed through my veins
I'll head for the stage
Will I transcend all this pain?
Will I face the devils eyes
Will he answer all the cries
Will this be my demise.

My eyes, swollen, the door opened I let the light fill my sight
One step outside. Who am I? Crawl to walk. Well I still try

I try.
Track Name: The Campaign
Breath out. Breath in. Fan your sole fire
The four horseman approach the gate of dire
They're bleeding, diseased, not knowing where to hide
With out your company and your dull swords for hire

Cracked bells toll tonight. with or without your company the gods catch fire
From our golden pyre

Bringing news back home or our recent goal
Writing letters to mom and dad with tales of the cold
A candle lit portrait of us when we were young
Tell them not to wait up 'cause we're not going home alive

Violent wings are waring

With your company our glorious mission's flawed
With your drowning arms we're forced to carry you home
Hands far too unclean, you've sacrificed all your pawns
Your craven hearts diseased so leave at least 'till glory's achieved

Now hear this, believe all the vengeance that we bring
All the casualties are lost, we'll be victors at all cost
The battle seeds have been sown while the despot sits the throne
The seas diseased and preachers preaching of bodies cold

We've spilled the Devils blood
In the sea

Now we hold the key. We give stark decrees, Now we ride the seas, We wont give in until our men are all set free